Report a typo

No matter how often you proofread and correct a book, there are always typos and errors. This is not because the author (in this case me) or the people proofreading the manuscript are not doing their job right – it’s just one of the things that happen. Especially when we talk around 1,000 pages roughly.

This doesn’t mean that every single one I stumble upon doesn’t hurt terribly – quite the opposite, they are like stabs in the back. You spend time, effort and – last but not least – money on making everything as perfect as possible only to have additional or missing letters (or even words!) mock your efforts.

Thus I appreciate every single typo/mistake/error that is reported to me and will correct the manuscript accordingly.

Which information would be helpful?

  • Name of book
  • Chapter
  • Full sentence, where you point out the mistake


Just send an email to


Thank you very much!

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