Book covers a not an easy thing. There is this wise saying that one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. That sounds nice, yet in reality it genereally doesn’t work. Humans are visual animals, which is why a book cover is an important part of making a decision whether or not we want to give the content a chance or not.

My idea was to select items for each cover which are relevant for the story in the respective book – something that is, of course, only obvious after one has read the story. My subsequent explanations may a little bit more revealing than some of you might wish, so when in doubt just look at the covers where you already know the books. 🙂

The Order – Book 1

The sword is meant to symbolise the Order and with that the compulsion to learn combat skills. The counterpart to that is the apothecary’s mortar hinting at Eryn’s profession.

Both items are meant to show the conflict that is forced upon her and also indicate the different worlds Eryn and Enric stem from.






Commitments – The Order: Book 2

The books are meant to represent the knowledge Eryn discovers and has access to in her native country after the library in Anyueel has turned out to be such a disappointment.

The cushion in the foreground points toward the Western Territories, where in contrast to the drab desert everything man-made is more colourful and lavish.

The sand-coloured writing also refers to the desert.




Schemes – The Order: Book 3

The wine glass with its ominously glowing liquid is indicative of the glas of wine Eryn and Malriel drink together.

And of course the vial is a hint at what has been mixed into the wine. The vial’s ornate form suggests that it originates from the Western Territories.






Rifts – The Order: Book 4

The linen material symbolises Eryn’s purple healers’ robe which the Order came up with for the new profession. In it you see the healers’ needle which is given to all graduates of the healer training in the Western Territories.

On the one hand the needle is meant to hint at her efforts in this direction, and on the other hand also at the conflict with a certain member of this profession she has to deal with.





Family Bonds – The Order: Book 5

For this cover my seasoned goldsmith had the doubtful pleasure of working with me once again. After many hours of fiddly work she turned my ideas for family crests for Houses Aren and Vel’kim as they were described in Book 1 into the pendants Enric and Eryn wear around their necks.

The knotted chains are meant to show that the Houses are entangled inseparably – even though not all members are happy about this.