There are different approches when it comes to erotic and sex scenes. Some find it frustrating if the bedroom door is slammed in their face, as it were. They don’t want to be excluded and also live through the more erotically charged situations together with the protagonists. Others, however, consider alltoo graphic descriptions inadequate or cheap.

I myself tend towards screening off. For one, because for my these characters are half-real in a strange way and I would like to give them some privacy. And then there is the question whether I could even write a sex scene which differs somehow from the hundredthousand that are already out there in the book universe.

I have been approached both personally and in writing to add a sex scene. This induced me to give it a try, though it is not supposed to become an integral part of the book. Instead, it will remain a goodie for those who were missing just that in Book 1.

Erotic scene “The Order – Book 1”, Chapter 25 – between Scene 6 and 7