New Cover for Book 1

Exactly two years after the first installment of the series “The Order” was published, the book will now get a new face. The idea behind it was not to somehow kill my surplus leisure time, but to react to numerous posts saying that the cover was not particularly appealing.

Well, one photo session and some time in front of the computer later there was a relaunch. I can’t promise that this cover will be better liked, but it’s a different one. Not entirely, different though. Since the elements on the cover represent aspects significant to the storyline, they remain but look a little different than before.



Erotic scene “The Order – Book 1” in Chapter 25

After numerous comments, requests and actual pestering I finally bow to the masses and grant a small insight into… intimate togetherness.


This should not come entirely unexpected considering that we are talking about Chapter 25 here, yet I don’t want to refrain from mentioning it to avoid complaints afterwards:

SPOILER ALERT! If you want to read the book or have not yet progressed to Chapter 26 – hands… well, eyes off!


As regards the rest: have fun!


Erotic scene Book 1

ad Chapter 25 between Scene 6 and 7


Enric drank in her taste, still unable really to believe that this was actually happening, that he had truly managed to get through to her, that her own physical reaction to him was strong enough to overcome the defences her head had so stubbornly tried to keep in place.
He pushed aside the knowledge that there was still a good deal of work to be done until she saw him as more than an instrument for her own pleasure. For the moment he would rejoice in her delicious closeness and make sure this became an occasion she was not only willing, but eager to repeat.
Forcing himself to refrain from coming at her like an unrestrained teenager, he focussed on kissing her mouth, chin and neck, stopped his hands from roaming to keep them from impatiently tearing off her clothes.
At the same time, he felt wild joy at his triumph and bitter frustration at the slow pace he had coerced himself into setting. Too great was his fear of scaring her away with any sudden movement, any claim too bold that might liberate her from this half-trance of delight she seemed to be in and cause her to remember that she struggled against being quite that close to him of all people.
Their tongues met once again in a slow dance, and he felt how her fingers dug into his hair, balled themselves to fists and pulled him closer. He obliged her more than willingly, enjoying how her chest rose and fell against his with laboured breathing.
He caught himself when he realised that his hands had once again moved under her tunic, returned to where they had ventured a few minutes before in the parlour.
Fighting his passion, he removed his hands from her bare skin, returning them to the safer realms of her neck and back.
When she pulled back, he stilled, convinced that his fears had been correct and she had changed her mind.
“Is everything alright with you?” she enquired, her brow creased.
Enric blinked in confusion while keeping his arms around her, not ready to break contact. “Why would you ask such a thing?”
“I can’t help feeling that your enthusiasm has drained away a little,” she said with a hint of collapsed pride.
He wanted to kiss her for the annoyance on her face which accompanied that statement. A moment later he decided to follow this impulse and cupped her face, pressing his lips on hers, dizzy with gratitude when they didn’t merely open in reaction to his pressure, but responded with zeal and impatience.
“I didn’t want to scare you off,” he whispered against her eager mouth. “We will take all the time you need.”
Eryn pulled back and looked up at him, one eyebrow arched. “There really is a thing or two I need right now, but time isn’t among them. You seem to think of me as some kind of delicate flower, but I’m not. You’re not the first man I have taken to bed, and I’d be very surprised if you were the last.”
Surprised by how much that last statement about his surely not being the last man she intended to sleep with irked him, he smiled thinly and with effort stopped himself grinding his teeth. “I see. Then I shall consider that an invitation to be less restrained.”
He saw how the sudden sound of her tunic’s fabric ripping between his hands at her back startled her. Then she smiled, unaware that this minor act of destruction had served as much as a demonstration for his desire as it was a vent for his frustration at her earlier words.
With a grin she pulled her tunic off her arms, letting its sorry remainders drop to the floor before lifting her hands to his own shirt.
“A pity I can’t reciprocate with these shackles on”, she purred and gripped the hem of his garment to pull it over his head instead.
There was a glint in his eyes she hadn’t seen before. At least not the same kind of glint. There was no longer restraint and concern for her fragile assent to what had started as rather emphatic efforts at convincing her. His eyes were slightly narrowed, and she wondered if she had upset him by interrupting what he might have intended to be a gentle, tender and lengthy seduction rite. Well, for that she lacked any patience right now.
A warm arm wrapped itself around her bare waist and lifted her to his hips, where her legs immediately coiled around him. His hands, now far bolder, gripped her buttocks and pressed her closer, grinding her against his erection.
Thrilled by his now obvious impatience and his very noticeable arousal, Eryn laughed and claimed his mouth while gyrating her hips to move urgently against him. Her efforts were rewarded, as he exhaled shakily.
“Careful,” he pressed out from between clenched teeth, “or this will not turn out to be a particularly impressive performance.”
“I can live with that, you already impressed me with your stamina last time,” she whispered into his ear and tugged at his lobe with her teeth, enjoying the feeling of power over him.
“I want to take my time,” he breathed, tightening his grip around her bottom. “This time there is no combat lesson for you to attend, nor is there anything else to disturb us. This time you won’t be getting away until I’m done with you. No running.” Not the last man she would ever take to bed, her words came back to him. Well, he could at least make her wish that he were and let her prior lovers pale in comparison.
“I won’t run,” she promised hoarsely. “I may have taken my time agreeing to this, but I won’t run until you’ve served your purpose.”
“Charming,” he growled and removed his hands. Caught off guard, she landed on the bed with a yelp. “Under normal circumstances I would have walked out after such a statement,” he said evenly. “Unfortunately, I want you too much for that.”
She blinked. Somehow the roles seemed reversed now, as if she were the one eager to take him to bed and he only reluctantly agreeing to it – merely following urges he wasn’t strong enough to resist but wishing he were.
Enric bent to pull the boots off her feet, then took off his own. Both of them were now wearing nothing but their trousers. His eyes wandered to her full breasts and lingered there, causing his palms to itch with the desire to outline their shapes, knead them under his fingers and relish the sensation of having them crush against his chest.
Eryn moved closer to the edge of the bed, where he stood, and lifted her hands to his belt, slowly freeing one end from the buckle, while looking up into his depthless blue eyes while he watched her intensely.
Instead of pulling his trousers down, she let her fingers follow the outline of the distinct form outlined against the dark material, then applied more pressure and rubbed with her palm over the full length of him.
When his head sank back, she pushed his trousers down, revealing all of him, shaped aesthetically with a slight upward curve, just as she remembered him. Her fingers closed around the root of his shaft, and she was about to lower her open mouth onto the member when his fingers under her chin halted her by tilting her face upwards and away from the intended target.
Surprised she looked up at him. This was the first time ever she had encountered any resistance when offering that particular caress. It was even more unexpected considering that he had very generously and skilfully performed that very same service during the Freedom Night.
“Another time,” he said quietly, the muscles in his arms and shoulders taut. “As I said, I want to take my time. And this would end things fairly quickly, I’m afraid.”
With a shrug she stood up from the bed and let her own trousers drop, gasping for air when a moment later warm fingers fondled the moist and tender flesh between her legs.
Leaning her forehead against his shoulder, she closed her eyes and broadened her stance to give him better access, exhaling slowly while his touch set her nether regions on fire. When her knees threatened to buckle under her, she took a wary step back to interrupt the stimulation.
His eyes were half-closed, but widened as if in protest at her retreat. Eryn felt how he was breathing as heavily as she herself. Holding her gaze, he slowly lifted his hand to his face and deliberately licked his finger, obviously revelling in her taste that clung to it. His eyes closed for a moment, then he exhaled extensively and once again looked at her, this time with determination and greed. It was probably the most sensuous thing she had ever seen, his enjoyment of her essence a primordial compliment that resonated in a place deeper inside her than conscious understanding could reach.
She grabbed his shoulders and pushed him onto the bed, straddling him. As she bent down to his lips, her long dark hair hung down, draping around both their faces in a curtain which removed everything else from sight.
“I’m ready for you,” she whispered, stating the obvious, and lightly brushed his mouth with hers.
“That you are,” Enric confirmed solemnly as if she had just uttered words of considerable importance.
Eryn felt his fingers at her hips, slightly adjusting her position, before he flexed his stance to slowly glide inside her. She threw her head back at the sensation, the warm fullness. For now it didn’t matter that he kept her locked in his quarters and shackled in gold; the only thing that counted was the pleasure he gave her and clearly received in turn.
She began moving, letting him slide out almost entirely before reclaiming him with ever more determination. Strong hands clasped her breasts, kneaded them, teased her nipples, then linked with her fingers, tightening the connection further as if closing a circle.
Closing her eyes, she listened to his soft moans of pleasure while relishing the length of him causing friction within her most sensitive places with every thrust, slowly building pressure the release of which she awaited, breathless with excitement.
“Eryn,” she heard him whisper hoarsely, then a second time when she didn’t react but merely increased her rhythm slightly. “Eryn!” he then said more forcefully, lifting his hand to her neck and pulling her closer. “Look at me!”
Frowning, she opened her eyes, then tried to return to her upright position and her path to imminent release.
With a swift move Enric reversed their positions, pressing her with his body against the blankets in her back. A moment later he was back inside her, now claiming for himself the right to control the pace. Increasing it steadily, he watched how her breath hitched in her throat, her fingers closed around the fabric underneath her, her eyelids closed.
When she strained, about to release the tension inside her, he halted once again.
“Eryn, look at me!” he commanded, his harsh tone surprising her into obeying.
When their gazes locked, he thrust inside her a few times more, feeling how she trembled under him, gasped for air and buried her fingertips in his shoulder while wave upon wave of pleasure shook her. Several seconds later, as she went limp, he smiled and lowered his mouth to kiss her. That’s right, he thought complacently, just you remember exactly who you may thank for that feeling.

Book 4 soon to be released

So, Book 4 “Rifts” is basically ready for lauch – if it weren’t for the German corrections. Since I plan to release  both language versions at the same time, there is still a bit of time to pass. But not too much: the release is planned for March 2017.